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Moving Coordinator

Wdt Moving wants to make your move go as smooth as possible. How? 

By assigning an coordinator to help you with your move every step of the way. Our Moving Coordinators help customers, move from once place to another in most efficient and cost effective way possible.

We want to be thorough, even if you're able to give a perfect description of your home. We might be looking for things which aren't apparent to the homeowner. When we have the opportunity to come to your home. You have a greater chance of getting the best service 

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We don’t want to overcharge you, but if we can’t actually see your home and what we’re working with, it’s very difficult for us to be precise, especially when it comes  to provide the most accurate quote. 

We wont change the price, once we have come to your home and discuss the homeowner needs. We will provide the material and labor needed to complete the job. We will not hold your items to increase profits once given a quote that will be the price you pay.

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