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Local Moves/ Long Distance

It's no secret that moving an entire household is stressful, and we're here to help you with managing your relocation stress. With 80% referral rate from customers who refer us to friends and family for their next move, truly we care about serving our customers well.

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Storage Transfers

We clean out storage units of all sizes at any location, including pods. We haul all kinds of items from storage unit including computers,books, file cabinets, office desk, cubicle panels, electronics, televisions

old furniture, We can also help you consolidate multiple storage units into one and save you money in the process.

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Haul Aways

Junk and trash removal is necessary to maintain your property. Junk piles are the perfect place for rodents and pest to breed.

WDT helps homeowners, renters, property managers and business owners declutter and get rid of excess furniture, appliances,

e-waste, mattresses and other household junk.

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Car Transport

WDT, will arrange transport of your personal or commercial cars suv's or trucks in a professional timely manner. Whether you are purchasing a vehicle from a dealer, or online. WDT will provide transport at affordable pricing safe and secure.

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Pods- Packrat /Load and Unload

WDT, movers are well versed in loading and packing Pod containers which are a convenient and secure moving and storage solution designed to fit any furniture that fits in your home. Each container can fit about a room and a half of household items.

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U-box/ delivery load/unload

WDT will deliver your containers directly to you. We load or unload items into home, storage unit , office and return container to proper location. Just tell us when and where.

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Cleaning Service

Our move-out cleaning includes, wiping down cabinets, deep cleaning appliances and bathrooms, wiping down windows, baseboards and doors and doing a decent vacuuming and mopping job on floors

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Delivery Pro​​

Delivery professionals on demand for help with last minute retail pick ups, delivery and local moving services. From pallets to furniture and parcels, if you need something delivered or moved.

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Moving Coordinator

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